Date Projects
Since 2017-07-04 "Introduction of Lithuanian Companies Operating in the Field of Vehicle Parts Production into New Markets". Enterprise Lithuania.
Since 2017-07-01 "The Improvement of Staff Qualification at Their Workplace“. Financing measure: „Apprenticeship and Improvement of Qualification at the Workplace". No. 09.4.3-ESFA-K-827-01-0010.
Since 2016-12-01 "Increasing the Export of Automotive Cluster by Promoting the Search for New Export Markets and Maintenance of Existing Markets". Financing measure: "Business Cluster LT". No. S-03.2.1-LVPA-K-807-01-0021​​​.
Since 2016-11-29 "Promotion and Development of Innovation Networking​". Financing measure: "InoLink". No. 01.2.1-LVPA-V-842-01-0002.​​
2014-10-01 / 2015-01-31 “Human Resource Management Research of JSC "Klaipėdos Eoltas" Using Imitative Business Model". Financing measure: "Inochecks LT“. No. VP2-1.3.-UM-05-K-03-653.​
2014-10-01 / 2015-01-31 "Finding of Problem Business Processes of JSC "Jupojos technika" by Identifying Strategic, Tactical or Operational Problems that Affect the Competitiveness and Profitability of an Enterprise". ​Financing measure: "Inochecks LT". No. VP2-1.3.-UM-05-K-03-575.
Date Conferences, exhibitions, business missions
2017-09-27/30 Business mission "Export Promotion". Exhibition "Automechanika" (South African Republic).
2017-09-21/22 5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference "Bringing Cluster Collaboration to the Next Level" (Germany).
2017-09-06/09 Exhibition "Elmia Husvagn Husbil" (Sweden).
2017-06-08/09 Conference "Experiences on Sustainable Models and Building Longer Term Partnerships" (Norway).
2017-05-07/09 Exhibition "Automechanika Dubai" (UAE).
2016-11-08/10 Business mission "Innovation in Automotive Aftermarket" (Iceland).
2016-09-19/20 "4th Cluster Matchmaking Conference" (Poland).
2016-09-13/17 Exhibition "Automechanika Frankfurt" (Germany).
2016-08-24/27 Exhibition "MIMS Automechanika" (Moscow).
2016-06-07/09 Exhibition "Automechanika Birmingham" (United Kingdom).
2015-11-30 / 2015-12-04 Business mission "Export promotion" (Sweden).
2015-09-15/19 International clusters conference "BSR STARS Cluster-to-Cluster Conference" (Denmark).
2015-02-23/28 VBusiness mission "Export promotion" (Germany).
2015-04-10 / 2015-04-14 Exhibition "AUTOMEC", joint stand (Brazil).
Date Meetings with international partners
 2016-04-01/07 Meeting with "Espelandconsulting" AS representatives (Norway).
 2015-09-23/26 Meeting with "BF logistics" LLC representatives (Ukraine).
2015-06-10/16 Meeting with "UGEC" Co. representatives (Egypt).
2015-02-02/06 Meeting with "Baldwin" representatives (Morocco).
2014-06-04/07 Meeting with "TMD Friction Group" DON export manager.
Date Membership
Since 2017 m. Lithuanian Clusters Association (LCA).
Since 2017 m. Member of Cluster Policy Formation Committee in Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania.
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