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Lithuanian Automotive Export Association (LAuGEA) is a cross-sectoral business cluster, joining Lithuanian companies related to the automotive industry, and science representatives, founded in 2014.

Currently, the cluster consists of 27 members, including 25 automotive companies: UAB "Luft Master", UAB "Augija", UAB "Xirgo Global", UAB "Baltic Filter", UAB "CRAFT bearings", UAB "Dažų ir dangų fabrikas", UAB "Danushis Chemicals", UAB "Eoltas", UAB "Gaschema", UAB "Jubana", UAB "Jupojos technika", UAB "Lesta", UAB "Papilio kibirkštis", UAB "Signeda", UAB “ABF LT”, UAB “Detagama”, UAB Nosted &, UAB "Laurema graphics", UAB "Rainbow Coatings", UAB "Utenos Indra", UAB "Kelio autoservisas Šiauliuose", UAB "Tadauta", UAB "Dservis", UAB "Guterna", UAB "AFS Baltic" and 2 scientific and research Institutions: Siauliai State College and UAB „Neigiamas pagreitis“.

Cooperation of LAuGEA members, through its scientific potential, ensures greater opportunities for product development, testing and marketing in local and foreign markets, as well as more efficient management of corporate costs.

LAuGEA members are actively involved in international research and innovation program projects, international exhibitions and business missions, as well as collaborating with various companies, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, research and product development partners, and other institutions of similar activity. Research, development and innovation (R&D&I) activities are carried out by taking advantage of laboratories owned by cluster members and partners.

Management of LAuGEA:

Chairman: Jurgita Heldens (UAB Dažų ir dangų fabrikas)
Members: Mindaugas Lazdauskas (UAB Signeda)
  Vytas Mazuronis (UAB Baltic Filter)
  Raimundas Vaišvilas (UAB Jupojos technika)
  Marijus Montvilas (UAB Eoltas)
Director: dr. Rakickas Andrius

Lithuanian Cluster Network Association since 2020.

Lithuanian Automotive Export Association - LAuGEA
Address: Sodo st. 35B, LT-76180 Siauliai, Lithuania
Phone:  00 370 612 26 012
E-mail: info@laugea.com
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