Awards by Lithuanian Automotive Export Association

Lithuanian Automotive Export Association (LAuGEA), that unites Lithuanian companies related to the automotive industry, has handed out important awards to companies for their results achieved in 2017.

The “Enterprise of the Year 2017” award went to Jupojos technika, UAB. Last year, the turnover of this company reached 6 million euros, the sales increased by 10.5% and the profitability increased by 11%. The company represents the “Roadwin” brand and constantly aims to expand the supply of innovative products to the market, including brake pads of an exceptional quality and the next generation batteries “Yuasa”. The company constantly applies IT innovations and aims to receive production certificates; therefore the growth of its export rate has reached 42%.

For its modernity and the ability to compete with the best examples abroad as well as for the use of innovations in the development and production of products and services, Baltic filter, UAB has received the “Innovation of the Year 2017” award. The company has designed and patented the inner housing of an air filter that increases air filtration efficiency by 6-8% and extends the lifetime of the filter by up to 10%. Based on this patent, the company produces competitive filters not only for the domestic market, but for their foreign representatives as well.

The “ECO Enterprise of the Year 2017” award went to Autosmilga, UAB, a promising Lithuanian-capital company that manufactures plastic and metal products and successfully operates in Lithuania and foreign countries. In order to achieve its goals, the company shows a perfect ability to combine environment-friendly pollution solutions, and recycles hundreds of tons of plastic every year: 173 tons in 2015, 240 tons in 2016, and 160 tons in 2017.  
Craft bearings, UAB has become the leader of “Export of the Year 2017”. The company delivers its goods even to 76 countries. In 2017, its income from export reached 20.1 million euros (in 2016, the amount was 12.9 million euros.). The “conquest” of new markets has determined the increase in export by 56.23%.

 The “Product of the Year 2017” award went to Eoltas, UAB, the representative of the international brand EGT. They have been operating in the Lithuanian market for more than 10 years and offer a wide range of goods of 23 different groups (suspensions, brake systems, bearings and etc.). Constant quality control of the production in compliance with the international system standards of ISO9001 allows the adoption of innovative solutions. Therefore, in 2018, the range of the products of the company will be additionally supplemented by more than 500 products and several new product groups.
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